The Lordship and Manor of Rushton or Rushton James (Staffordshire)

The Overlordship of the Manor of Rushton.

PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES (Rushton Parish Council - Staffordshire Moorlands)
 Rushton Parish Council website has recently (February 2015) been taken down.

The Manorial Courts Leet and Baron has placed a weblog on-line where the proceedings of Rushton Parish Council (Staffordshire Moorlands) can be seen.

Councils in England with turnover not exceeding £25,000 should publish the summons, agenda and draft minutes on a website.  (This will become a mandatory requirement and replaces the need for smaller authorities to undergo external audit - minutes and agendas by 1 April and accounts by 1 July). 

Government Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

Parish Council Minutes 2013

Parish Council Minutes 2014

Parish Council Minutes 2015


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