The Lordship and Manor of Rushton or Rushton James (Staffordshire)

The Overlordship of the Manor of Rushton.

PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES (Rushton Parish Council - Staffordshire Moorlands)

For a short time, The Manorial Courts Leet and Baron placed a weblog on-line where the proceedings of Rushton Parish Council (Staffordshire Moorlands) could be seen however, this was discontinued when it appeared that the Parish Council itself had published its own website.

However, Rushton Parish Council website has recently (February 2015) been taken down.

There was, until recently, another unofficial website, the Rushton Spencer Community Website, which appeared for a short time to be publishing the minutes of Rushton Parish Council (all be it under the erroneous title of Rushton Spencer Parish Council) however, even this site now (September 2018) appears to no longer store any proceedings of the Council.

This situation is far from satisfactory (and, sadly, may even be illegal). 

Councils in England with turnover not exceeding £25,000 should publish the summons, agenda and draft minutes on a website.  (This will become a mandatory requirement and replaces the need for smaller authorities to undergo external audit - minutes and agendas by 1 April and accounts by 1 July). 

Government Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities

Some of the past minutes can be found on the website of the Courts Leet and Baron here:
Parish Council Minutes 2013

Parish Council Minutes 2014

Parish Council Minutes 2015

Parish Council Minutes 2016


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