The Lordship and Manor of Rushton or Rushton James (Staffordshire)

The Overlordship of the Manor of Rushton.



 12.       Jurors
(i)  Historically, membership of the Court has been open to Freeholders of the Manor of Rushton or such Members of the Jury whose main living or occupation was gained from working within the Manor of Rushton.  For the purpose of encouraging new Jurors and for the Court to ensure that there is always a healthy number of Jurors ready and willing to take their turn to be elected as Reeve and Bailiff, new entrants will henceforth be selected from candidates who are resident within the Parish of Rushton or who have demonstrated, by dint of their past or current occupations, calling or activities, within the Parish of Rushton, that they are fit and proper persons to be elected as Jurors  of the Court.
(ii)  Evidence of such occupation, calling and activities should demonstrate a singular and sincere commitment to the Parish of Rushton, its traditions, history and future. 

(iii)   The Court may also give careful consideration to suitable candidates who, whilst not able to meet the above criteria set out in sub-paragraph (i) above and whilst being able to satisfy the criteria in sub-paragraph (ii) above can demonstrate to the Court that such an individual would bring self-evident benefit and advantage to its proceedings - provided always that such candidate can reasonably undertake all normal duties and commitments asked of him including (but without limitation) the election to Reeve and Bailiff when called upon to do so.   

(iv)  All such recommendations will be submitted to the Bailiff who will be assisted in his deliberations by the Inner Court whose findings will then be submitted for adoption and acceptance by all Members of the Court.      The chosen candidate will be formally proposed and seconded in open Court and voted upon by simple majority (and in the case of a tie the Bailiff will have the casting vote) and thereafter be presented to the next following Court for swearing in as Juror.

If you meet the above criteria and wish to become a Juryman of the Rushton Manor Courts Leet and Baron please fill in the application form.

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